Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well...this is where we will post the FITNESS TIPS...

For now, look at this!

Video Fitness Tips Coming Soon!

Hey there everyone. I have exciting news. We have decided to start putting VIDEO fitness tips on the blog here. I will try to work them out at least once a week--and We will focus on things you can do without having to go to the gym or use fancy equipment--We plan on starting these in MAY so please let me know if there is anything that you specifically want.

My email address is kit@powerflexgolf.com so please feel free to send requests for problem areas or things that you might want to work on.

We are also considering a weekly video blog---so STAY TUNED!

Have a great week!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Season Has Begun

After the Masters, I usually start getting out on the course more and more every week and this year has been no exception.

With more times out on the course, comes the inevitable "I need new ______" or "Wow, I hate my ______" or "Look at that guy's bag. Where did he get that______"

So far this year I have filled in the blanks with two new clubs. I got a new driver, a new 3 hybrid and a new headcover--(I will have to post a pic of the headcover below. It's quite impossible to describe), and new golf wardrobe (All Izod, of course).
I have played three rounds since the Masters and have shot better each time. I am finally starting to feel my swing again. I am starting to feel like I am more in 'golf shape' --My back feels good, my stamina is good and my swing is pretty solid.
But the wallet has become much lighter now that spring is here! That much is true.
So what should you spend your money on? How about losing that gut or strengthening those hips and that back? HA! Good idea!
I am here for you! Just call! I have openings left for the season!

See you out there!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So here we are. Master's Week.

The week every year where the 'itch' and the 'fever' and the 'golf shakes' and the 'putter sweats' grab us all and force us to the range or the course no matter what the weather, no matter how crowded.

My son and I have a tradition every year on baseball opening day. It's a holiday. I stay home from work if possible and I let him stay home from school. This year I worked a half day because I needed to go to the doctor anyway---and he indeed DID stay home from school. And what happened? Our team (the Kansas City Royals) were SNOWED out in Chicago. But here in Portland it was 77 degree and sunny---

So what did we do?

After the doctor gave me the OK, we drove 60 miles to a course that we THOUGHT would be pretty free on a Monday afternoon in a town the size of a postage stamp---only to discover when we got there a 20 minute wait on the first tee---

So yes! The fever is in full swing.

So now we all sit patiently on Wednesday WAITING for Thursday so we can all find a reason to watch TV in the middle of the day on Thursday and Friday--even if we watch online from the office. In fact, my cousin called me this morning (Wednesday) to ask me if the par three tourney was going to be televised so he could stay home from work!

So here we go folks. Golf has officially arrived. Spring has officially arrived. Don't put off getting in shape for the season. Even I (who works out everyday) discovered that I am not in 'golf shape' yet. It's the sore obliques and the tired legs after my first couple of rounds that gave it away. It's the bad shoulder turn and the unstable left leg that screams at me to do my golf exercises....

Have a great Masters week.

My pick to win it all? How about I give you the top 4--

  1. Tiger

  2. Paul Casey

  3. Phil Michelson

  4. Ian Poulter (he has GOT to win something soon, right?)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hitting your stride

So.... was I right about all the fat guys fading at the end. Only Jason Gore managed to hang around to day 3, but he couldn't keep it up into the 4th...and look at the leader board...Fit guy after fit guy with an occasional fat guy.
Pat Perez was up there for a bit--so count one for the fat guys...

Now that I said "I told you so..."

I want to talk to you about hitting your stride on the golf course...pacing in other words.

When you warm up properly---with the exercises that you learn from me (or some other trainer that knows what the hell he's talking about)--you won't have to spend as much time on the range before your round "loosening up" and you can spend your range time actually grooving your swing. Think about it this way:

When a major league pitcher is in the bullpen warming up before the game, do you think he got there cold and decided to "loosen up" while he throws? In the old days yes, NOW? Not so much. NOW the pitcher spends 20 minutes with the strength coach stretching and lengthening his muscles--so that his bullpen sessions before the game are more productive---and because of this he hits his stride much much sooner.

In 1985 the average first inning pitch count was about 17 pitches. In 2008 the average first inning pitch count was just over 14. 3 pitches--and that is because he has spent more time grooving his arm angle and his release point and less time "loosening up"
The same should be true of your game. Spend your time doing your prescribed stretches and warms ups BEFORE you hit the range and then spend your range time hitting your clubs and getting your swing in order before you go to the 1st tee.
Hit your stride two or three holes sooner and watch those scores DROP!
See ya!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fit vs Fat

As I get ready for bed tonight, the first round of the Bay Hill tournament is complete and Tiger appears to be back in the groove.

He is three shots off the lead--currently held by one of the worst physiques in the game; Jason Gore. In fact, who is in 2nd? None other than the WORST BODY to ever squeeze into golf pants: Tim Herron. The man's nickname is LUMPY for God's sake!

But what is ALWAYS intriguing to me is how (pardon my language) FAT guys always seem to be in contention after the first or second day but then rarely hang around long enough to take down the fit guys like Tiger. Even Phil Michelson didn't start winning consistently until he peeled off some doughy goo around the middle.

That's not to say that a fat guy doesn't win every now and then, but in the days of P.T. (pre-Tiger) golf, you certainly saw more of it than you do now. But Tiger brought a new attitude to the course---and now you rarely see the chunk-style wins.

And why is that? Because when EVERYONE smoked and drank beer and ate red meat and drank whole milk and ate enriched flour and....well you get the picture...EVERYONE faded on day 3. It was the more skilled player that USUALLY prevailed because everyone was crashing. Go look at the final round scores in the years before 1997---in nearly every season, the final round scores were MUCH higher than the first or second rounds---

However, since 2000 the final round scores actually level off quite a bit from the second day scores and in the case of the really fit guys--their scores actually DROP in day 4!

So WHY would Jason Gore, given the money and facilities and time available to him, choose to walk around like that? He clearly has the skill to compete with Tiger and Camillo and Immelman and Harrington and Poulter (and the dozens of other guys who started winning when they started hitting the gym). But Gore and his ilk are content to take their 25th place check week after week---get an occasional win in minor tournaments like Baskin and Robbins Invitational or the Dunkin' Donuts Classic.

Sorry for the rant--but laziness makes me sick. And when (everyday at my gym) I see obese people TRYING THEIR HARDEST to get control of their lives but don't have the money or the time or the access to the kinds of facilities that these guys have---well I just get upset.

So root for the fat guy if you want to. Maybe it makes us feel less inadequate when they do well---but for me, I am gonna root for the FIT guy---he is the one setting the example of what happens when you care for and nurture body as well as your talent!

See ya!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a few random thoughts from my head tonight. I am working really hard on picking up new clients and networking in the Portland metro. Starting over SUCKS--

Anyway, in an effort to get more out of my Internet networking skills, I decided (like half the known universe) to start to TWITTER---and you know what I have discovered? Everyone on Twitter is there to get people to pay attention to them and to buy their product or service---so it becomes a very odd circle of people trying to get the attention of people who are simply there trying to get the attention of people who are there to get the attention of people who are there....

Like Bend, Oregon. It is a town made up of construction workers building homes for new construction workers who move to town to build homes of more construction workers....it's chaos.

So I think I am done with twitter. I have YET to see any value other than knowing that I have "X" number of people following me who have ZERO intention to become a client or even care to try to understand what I am doing....

I think I like the old days of hanging around a golf course with a stack of business cards waiting for someone to ask what my logo on my shirt means--and then WHAM!---NEW CLIENT!

See you out there!